Certified Lubrication Reliability Auditor

This program will provide individualized instruction along with practical assessment for each of the following areas. Competency shall be established through project-based work directly centered towards work product. This program is self-paced with instruction provided in person, virtually, and on-line. Individuals shall become well versed in:
  • Evaluate, Recommend, Establish Lubricant and Maintenance Training
  • Evaluate Maintenance Practices
  • Assess and Streamline Maintenance Data Sources
  • Evaluate and Recommend Lubricant Application Equipment
  • Evaluate and Recommend Contamination Control
  • Evaluate and Recommend Lubricant Selection
  • Evaluate and Establish Lubricant and Equipment Procurement Specifications
  • Establish Quality Control Assurance for Maintenance and Lubrication
  • Evaluate and Recommend Condition Monitoring Practices
  • Evaluate and Recommend Storeroom / Lubricant Storage Protocols
  • Evaluate and Recommend Lubricant Safety
  • Evaluate and Recommend Lubricant Waste Handling

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